Congratulations Team Andiamo!

Congratulations to Team Andiamo on Gunfleet 58 #03 for a thrilling race in the RORC Caribbean 600 last week.

Owner Byrne Murphy commented:

“whoa baby: we were flying! Rooster tail material. The power of 32 tons whipping around the islands at 10 – 12 knots was incredible, including hitting 13.6 knots on a far reach which caused a few high fives!!

The seas were steep (9 – 12 feet+) and rolling in fast.  We pushed Andiamo hard, but no injuries, no torn sails; tons of fun; amazing reaches with 192 nm in one 24 hour period. Safety, comradery & performance – we clearly achieved all three!”


(Photo credit Photo Action/Tim Wight)

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