Gunfleet 43

With the cove line and decal lines applied, the latest Gunfleet 43 is ready to go outside ready for yard commissioning.

All our yachts are fully commissioned at the building yard prior to launching at Fox’s Marina in Ipswich, Suffolk.

All possible systems, both electric and mechanical, are run up and quality checks carried out.  This ensures that any equipment issues are picked up prior to the boat leaving the build yard.  Once the vessels have been launched, the whole process is carried out once more prior to sailing trials taking place.

This attention to quality is one of the reasons why discerning owners choose the Gunfleet brand.

This particular 43 has been built for US owners who intend to keep her around Long Island Sound, making good use of the variable draft centreboard keel.  She will be exhibited at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis October 2017.

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